Sony Bravia 2023: Testimonials Have Leaked Since The Leak

Sony Bravia 2023

The leading manufacturer in the OLED TV market revealed its upcoming 2023 television sets at CES a few weeks back, Japanese tech giant Sony is yet to follow suit as the company is said to hold the event online soon. Luckily, a new leak has already revealed the majority of the Bravia lineup, including different size options and panel technologies for each set.

In 2023, Sony may debut a true OLED TV in the form of the Bravia A80L, which will be offered in Sony 55, 65 and 77 inches and will succeed the very popular A80K. The high-end Bravia A95L continues the QD-OLED trend and takes on the Samsung S90C and S95C, but it’s reasonable to assume this television will once again be equipped with a very similar, if not identical, South Korean-made panel. competitor.

Sony’s top-of-the-line Bravia models don’t feature OLED panels and instead rely on mini-LED technology, allowing for impressive maximum HDR brightness, one of the beautiful X95K’s strong suits. The next Bravia X95EK will be offered in 65, 75 and 85 inches. Sony’s true 8K flagship TV 2023, the Z9L Master series, will apparently be available in 75 and 85 inches.

Rather than shell out more money for an OLED TV, many budget-minded buyers turn their attention to Sony’s more modest Bravia LCD models, designated by the model numbers X80L, X85L, X90L, and X95L. Please see the picture below for more information on the call screen diagonals for each set. As always, leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt as Sony officially reveals the full details of its 2023 BRAVIA TV lineup.

These information were reposted by an Asian YouTube-channel, but the corresponding video was removed again after a while. Das spricht am endei eher for den wahheitsgehalt, den moglich est, das soni hier intervenierte. Auch wurde das video Van Damme renommierten TV-Experten Robert John Commentiert, Welcher die Angaben al réalistishtish einstufte.

Wi wir bereits ervahnt haben, sind zedoch noch detailefragen afen. In addition, it is expected that Sony will round off the Bravia line-up in 2023 even more through other forays into LCDs – possibly these could also happen when the X70L, X75L are launched. One should also be wary that Sony’s 8K-TVs of the Z9L series are actually being sold in Europe. Den es wird neuyu, strikterê regelungen bezuglich der energeeffizienz hierjulande geben. At CES, therefore, also showed the behavior of most manufacturers, was the announcement of new 8K-models. LG zum Beispiel Deutschland unbieten lo aber Trotz der Neuen Regellung einen offers an 8K-OLED.

Sony Bravia 2023
Image source: 电器Home via 4KFilme