CES 2023: LG Wireless OLED M3 TV Ditches Cables Altogether

LG wireless announced several OLED TVs (opens in small window) at CES 2023, but the 97-inch LG Signature OLED M stands out from the rest by eliminating cable clutter with a design that completely eliminates the need for cables. Coming from a gaming background, I’ve long admired the gradual evolution of wireless technology. 20 years ago, the only bad Gran Turismo 3 race I’ve ever had was accidentally yanking my PlayStation 2 into the air while connected to a wired controller. And with the evolution of pads like the PS3’s SixAxis and the PS5 DualSense, my flabby underarms are no longer a console-smashing flight risk.

You can keep your 8K TV and built-in Dolby Atmos sound system. I’m really excited when it comes to television tech, in 2023 I’m thinking about our imminent cable-free future. Way Out of the Confusion As a TV lover struggling to manage cable, the thought of having a wireless TV without even adding a single cord to my front room is unbelievable but exciting.

The wireless design gives the LG OLED M3 flexibility that other TVs don’t, allowing you to mount it in places where cables may hinder it or achieve a clean-looking home theater without the hassle of running cables (including power). through a wall. It’s a smart move and an interesting counterpoint to Samsung’s OneConnect technology, which uses a dedicated control box similar to the Zero Connect box, connected to its TV with a single, easy-to-hide cable.

The LG Zero Connect box is a quadrangular device that blends well with other AV equipment and features three HDMI inputs (all supporting 4K at 120Hz, one offering eARC support), dual USB ports, coax connections for cable and satellite, optical audio, Ethernet Port and port for IR blaster. The box also supports Nvidia G-Sync for top-of-the-line gaming quality. The top-mounted turntable antenna design makes it easy to rotate for the best over-the-air signal, but I imagine future iterations could automate this process completely.

The concept may seem like only a minority of reports, but wireless TVs are almost upon us. At CES 2023, we saw LG innovate its signature 97-inch LG wireless OLED M3 and launch the display OLED TV that (albeit incredibly) doesn’t require a power cable — well, it’ll work for hours without at least one. , The witchcraft is clearly happening and I am ready for it.

Going from wireless PlayStation Pads to fully wireless TVs is a whole different kettle of enchanted fish. When I first read about 55-inch display OLED TVs, my brain couldn’t grasp the key takeaways:

Thanks to the wireless base station it can work without having to go up to the screen with a cable – although it does require a power connection every few hours, it runs on batteries. It also has the ability to combine four science fiction panels to create a single, terrifying 110-inch TV. Oh, don’t forget the fact that you can attach the display to the wall without conventional mounting tools – you can thank proprietary vacuum tech for that amazing technological feat. It also sticks to the wall you want (with reason).

The sleek gray plastic construction looks at home on any entertainment center shelf, which is good, since you can’t really hide the box in the AV room. Unlike high-end systems that use rack mounts for devices, the LG Zero Connect box requires line of sight with the TV, and although it can handle partial obstructions such as people or furniture, it will not be stored out of sight.

I’m very excited about wireless TVs, because I literally can’t access the HDMI connections on the back of my current TV. My living room went flush to the wall, there was no room to reach around to fiddle with the cables. When I saw the 97-inch antelope nearly crack my knees and crack the spine of a friend helping me, I couldn’t find a way to get it off the wall to connect more HDMI cables.

Another problem with traditional HDMI connections is that it limits where you can place the technology you connect to your screen. I like both the consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 very rarely. One might go for a mini-fridge, the other looks like the grotesque gizmos you see in the background of a Babylon 5 episode. Removing both from my instant line is an opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

The idea of being able to freely dispose of my streaming devices and consoles is tempting. The M3’s Zero Connect box is based on proprietary RF technology, which is said to have three times less latency than Wi-Fi 6. Not only this, 32 feet away from TV

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