Displace TV: The world’s first ‘wireless OLED TV’ will make its debut at CES 2023.

Wireless OLED TV

Displace, a startup, has announced what appears to be an unusual (wireless) OLED Smart TV. According to all accounts, Displace TV does not require a power cable. Displace instead instals four proprietary batteries that are expected to last up to 180 hours on a single charge. In other words, Displace claims that if you watch TV for 6 hours a day, the battery will last a month. If the Displace TV uses the same amount of energy as other OLED smart TVs, it will require a 15KWH battery.

In addition, the Displace TV is said to have a 55-inch (wireless) OLED panel with 4K resolution. The company, however, insists that the TV weighs around 9kg, which is unlikely given the weight of today’s OLED Smart TVs. Allegedly, Displace TV can be wall-mounted using “active loop vacuum technology”, eliminating the need for wall mounting, and can be grouped in fours to create a 110-inch display. Instead of a traditional remote control, Displace TV employs gestures, voice, and touch controls.

TV supports hand gestures, facial recognition tech

The TV can be controlled with hand gestures, and thus users can easily browse the content on television. The TV has voice controls in addition to natural hand gestures. When it recognises a profile, the Displace TV will also use facial recognition Technology to play user-favorite content. The Displace TV can also be attached to a wall without the use of a wall bracket.

If a battery is not available, the device can be powered by an external power supply. The TV has a camera setup in the front. The base unit is powered by an AMD chipset, with graphics provided by an NVIDIA GPU. Displace TV is compatible with Wi-Fi-6E capabilities, along with computer-vision technology. The Displace TV will be made available on Displace Inc’s official website, and will initially sell to customers in the US.