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Welcome to okcomputerstechnology.com website My name is Hari shankar kushwaha and i live in Gwalior . I am a technical engineer (I am working in technology since 5 years). This website is for technical support, in which laptop and pc software, typing software, printer drivers download etc. can be taken advantage of and technical blogs tell about pc, laptop, new updates, Microsoft Windows. What is okcomputerstechnology ? I started blogger in 2017 which got spammed due to some reason and after that I stopped writing blog posts and also I created youtube channel,

in this I used to upload videos twice in video years this way of life Journey was going on our youtube channel of 2017 is still there which is in the name of Technical Creat1 i used to work in medical everything was going well but we used to have problem that we did not get leave so i left the job. And then we got a chance to learn computer hardware course (diploma) through pradhan mantri kaushal development scheme (PMKVY) through addvertise. We learned 6 month course.

Then we got a job in a computer shop which took about 5 months. After this we started personally contacting the customer and used to do home service as we did not have any shop and till 2021 I insisted. But a customer explained negative on me then I stopped going to home service. We named our shop ok computer. When I searched ok computer com in the domain it was not available then we kept ok computers technology com.My shope name is okcomputer. Journey of Education Our childhood was spent in the village and we used to do farming. I did not feel freedom in the job, then I was determined that I will do business only.

We used to sell vegetables in the market and go to school, and then after passing high school I came to Gwalior to study that I want to do job and I gave some exams.Website supported system If I went to fix the computer, I had to face a lot of problems, new updates, old updates and software was not supported, so the problem came in this way, in which a lot of our time was wasted, when we had to download software online, the server was slow, proper download If there is no file, I created a software website so that users can get help in technical support, you can download free application in it, in the support system of Windows, if there is any error in the system, then you can take this facility from here. take it and be happy.


Website Dovelopement
We constantly try to provide popular software to the users, we constantly try to use the new software in the latest version.We keep on bringing new features to the website.

ok computer

Laptop & PC
I started from 2017 doing the work of hardware and installation in laptop and pc. Slowly learning, learned the work of camera installation. But most of our work pc assembles. Then we learned to build websites. We named the shop okcomputer. Then I okcomputerstichnology.com

website created
I created the website in 2017 and I started writing posts after watching videos on YouTube, but due to lack of views, I stopped working on the website within 2 months and we started working on our computer hardware.

computer hardware and software
I started working in computer hardware and software. Before doing diploma, I increased my knowledge in computer shop and worked hard overtime. Then we left the job in 6 months. Then I did planning for home service. Enter the address of the house printed on the visiting card. Then visited the online shop, hospital, school, college etc. in the market. And gradually the customers started joining and we continued to work. But with the passage of time, updates came in technology. When the updates came, it was tuff for us. There was no support. In such a situation, we used to get help from YouTube. This was a very good tool for us, which we used to solve the problem on the spot.okcomputer shope.

After Windows Installation
We used to do Windows installation on the system. If we used to download software online, we would go from one link to another. There used to be an error in it, sometimes it was slow download. So we had to update online. Again we started building the website. In this too we have failed many times. and our site became okcomputerstechnology.com.

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If the technical issue is coming on the website, then definitely tell by commenting. Leave us a massage to stay connected with us.