Zebronics ZEB-PixaPlay 18 1080p Smart LED Projector with Dolby Audio launched

ZEB-PixaPlay 18 introduces ZEB-PixaPlay 18, which comes in a vertical design to redefine the home cinema experience and is ideal for users who enjoy big screen entertainment, be it movies, streaming shows, live sports and more gaming. The projector starts at Rs.21,999 and will be available on Flipkart.

ZEB-PixaPlay 18 projector is capable of projecting 508cms screen size, which brings home theater experience to your home. It also has smart features allowing you to download apps from the store, allowing you to enjoy OTT platforms.

Image Source: Zebronic

ZEB-PixaPlay 18 Smart LED Projector Introductory Price Rs. Available from 21,999, and MRP Rs. 42,999.

The smart projector comes with a Powerful Processor under its hood along with 8GB of internal Storage. The projector features electronic focus using the remote control and is engineered to deliver great viewing experience. With its 3800 lumens of brightness, it delivers crisp contrast, vivid colors and details. Great picture quality coupled with great sound quality is a must and the ZEB-PixaPlay 18 delivers on this combination. Featuring powerful built-in speakers, it is further enhanced with a wide range soundbar, instantly turning almost any room in the home/office into a theater/gaming arena within seconds.

The smart projector comes with dual-band WiFi and wireless BT connectivity. You can install your favorite apps and enjoy OTT content on the projector without any additional equipment. It also comes with multiple input options like dual HDMI and dual USB. It also has an aux output port for audio. The projector comes with a long life lamp, ensuring you enjoy its visuals without any interruptions as it has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. You can wirelessly broadcast and mirror from your devices directly to the projector. Projector ceiling mounted and comes with remote control.

Co-Founder & Director Pradeep Doshi said: “Zebronics aims to elevate the home-entertainment segment to the world and the new ZEB;-PixaPlay 18 introduction fits the bill perfectly. Our range of premium LED projectors paired with soundbars offers a wonderful combination for home theater enthusiasts. ZEB- PixaPlay 18 is the ideal & perfect gizmos to deliver a big-screen entertainment setup at the comfort of your home. We are determined to enhance this spectrum to provide our customers an amazing experience replacing their bulky TV setups without burning a hole in their pockets and in line with our vision of providing ‘Premium for the Mass’ We are

Featuring a customizable screen size of up to 508 cm, this projector offers a large-screen entertainment experience.
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