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How to recover forgotten WiFi password on your computer

Wireless networks have become a fundamental part of our daily lives and many of us connect to them in order to access the Internet. To do this, we must enter a password and our computers usually save this password for future use. However, sometimes we may forget the password or need to share it with others. This article provides instructions on how to check and view WiFi password saved on your computer and some tips for keeping your passwords secure.

In addition, we’ll look at some tips for keeping your WiFi password secure, which means you shouldn’t expose your personal information to hackers and cyber criminals. In the following sections, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to check your saved WiFi passwords on your computer and tips for keeping your passwords safe.

How to see saved wifi passwords on your computer

If you’ve connected to a wireless network before, your computer is more likely to have saved the password. Before we continue, you must be connected to a WiFi network for this method to work. Here are the steps to check for saved WiFi passwords in some popular operating systems:

Windows 10:

Open the Start Menu, search for “Control Panel” and enter it.

Select “Network and Internet”.

WiFi password
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WiFi password
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How to Recover a Lost WiFi Password from Router

If you do not have a Windows or Mac computer that has saved Wi-Fi passwords, or if you’re trying to retrieve the password via your phone or tablet, you can find your saved password through a router. This will only work if you are connected to the router’s network. Remember that you can also connect to the router via an Ethernet cable. You cannot know the password unless the tablet and mobile phone are connected to a Wi-Fi network.