Computer (What is a Computer)

What is a Computer

What is a computer ? A computer is an electronic machine or device that processes, performs and operates on the basis of instructions communicated by software and hardware programs. A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data.

The first section of this article focuses on modern digital electronic computers and their design, constituent parts, and applications. A computer is a programmable device that stores, retrieves, and processes data. Today’s computers are electronic devices that accept data (input), process that data, produce output, and store (storage) the results. It has the ability to input and output data and convert it.

Below is a picture of a computer with each of the main components. You can see the desktop computer, flat-panel display, speakers, keyboard, and mouse in the picture below. We’ve connected each of the input and output devices.

Computer (What is a Computer)

It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word ‘Computers’ usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory. Technically, a Computers means to calculate or electronic programs computers.

Computer program means a set of instructions, rules, or routines recorded in a form that is capable of causing a computer to perform a specific operation or series of operations.

It process based on a program instructions to
Computers can be classified as one of three types of computers: a general-purpose Computer, special-purpose computers, or specialized Computers. Computer can not do anything without a program.
It uses read-only memory in the form of punch cards.The Computers is an electronic device that takes input from the user and processes these data under the control of a set of instructions and gives the result (output) and saves future use.

They include information for users who have little experience with computers systems. Computers are everywhere: at work, at school, and at home. In the workplace, employees use. Students use computers to complete assignments and research.or radio broadcasts, watch or create videos and movies, read books and magazines, share stories.

Computer Program

PC Projects implies (I) all PC programs (comprising of sets of proclamations or guidelines to be utilized straightforwardly or in a roundabout way in a PC to achieve a specific outcome), and (ii) all related information and gatherings of information, no matter what their structure or encapsulation. “PC Projects” will incorporate, without constraint, all source code, object code and normal language code therefor, all variants thereof, all screen shows and plans thereof, all part modules, all portrayals, stream outlines and other work item used to plan, plan, coordinate and foster any of the previous, and all documentation, including without limit client manuals and preparing materials, connecting with any of the prior.

Desktop computer

 This computer is more visible than other devices and requires a table, chair, extension port and more area to set it in one place. It is also called personal computer. Now talking about the speed of its computer, it is fearless on your budget. You can install it as per your wish. Whenever you install, upgrade from Core i 5 to above.

Generation computer

Computer or laptop can easily install software and hardware in generation. In this, other software is also supported by installing the hardware. As you say to increase the speed of the desktop, then the RAM will have to be upgraded further.

In generation, the bolbala of 4G or 5G network speed will be very fast, which you will like very much. This network is good for you in the long run. The desktop can be run only by installing it in one place but it will get the highest speed. Its maintenance cost is less as compared to other devices.

Laptop computer

It looks very small but a laptop is best for smart work. With this, you can work at home or in the office etc. By charging the laptop, you can run it for a few hours without the help of electricity.

The laptop comes with upgraded graphics which is the best for playing games. Picture is best in video quality.

Maintenance laptop

If seen, laptops can be repaired at much cheaper rates than desktops.

Hotspot connect through personal mobile and can transfer data via Bluetooth. It can also transfer data from other software.

There are different types of computers

Computer is an electronic device and which is being used in different forms. This device is being used in every region of the world. Everyone is using it. Such as digital watch, electronic car, scanner, mobile, camera, ATM, printer, laptop etc. devices are included in the computer. With these devices, the result is declared easily. This makes it easier to implement change. Working on a computer becomes very easy because it can be done by very smart work, which is proving to be very effective in today’s technology. By making changes in technology through this, there is a movement in the market very quickly. The social media platform is fearless on this technology.

what is system software in computer ;

Computer software is code that runs on a computer processor. Machine-level code or code written for an operating system can be used. An operating system is software that is designed to provide a predictable and dependable foundation for other programmers to build other software, known as applications. All smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers use operating systems.

These systems provide the device with the functionality it requires. Apple’s iOS and Android’s operating systems, for example, were designed specifically for mobile devices. On the contrary, coding for Windows, Linux or Mac all is converted into software in the computer.

For hardware manufacturers, computer software serves as a reliable layer. This standardisation fosters an efficient environment in which programmers can create smaller programmes that can be run by millions of computers.

Examples of software are Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux, Mac, Google Meet, Firefox, games etc.

Software can also be viewed as an expression in contrast to hardware.

What is a Computer

what is computer hardware

Computer hardware is a catch-all term for any of the physical components of a digital or analogue computer. The term hardware distinguishes the tangible aspects of a computing device from software, which is made up of written, machine-readable instructions or programmes that tell physical components what to do and when to do it.

Hardware and software work in tandem. Only when both hardware and software work properly together can a computing device function efficiently and produce useful output.

Computer hardware is classified as either internal or external components. Internal hardware components are those required for the computer to function properly, whereas external hardware components are those attached to the computer to add or enhance functionality.

The cabinet, central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers, and motherboard are all examples of computer hardware.

What is a Computer

What is Network Topology

Network topology is the arrangement of a network’s links and nodes in relation to one another. Topologies are classified as either physical network topology, which refers to the physical signal transmission medium, or logical network topology, which refers to how data travels through the network between devices regardless of their physical connection. Twisted pair Ethernet, which is classified as a logical bus topology, and token ring, which is classified as a logical ring topology, are two examples of logical network topologies.

Examples of physical network topologies include star, mesh, tree, ring, point-to-point, circular, hybrid, and bus topologies, which each have different node and link configurations. The ideal network topology is determined by the size, scale, and goals of each business.

It is critical to first develop a comprehensive understanding of the network’s functionality before determining how to design network topology that is ideal for the needs and usage requirements of a network. Network topology mapper software is a useful network topology tool that generates network topology diagrams that provide a visual representation of the network infrastructure.

Once a configuration is chosen, network topology design software, network configuration management tools, and network management software solutions assist not only in the creation of network topology, but also in the automation of configuration, continuous performance monitoring, and troubleshooting of network issues.

What is a Computer

Hardware &Software parts needed

Computer is made up of both hardware and software and it does a smart job which completes the process in a very short time. Talking about computer hardware, it can be RAM, Hard Disk, Motherboard, Monitor, IC, Chip, Printer, Processor etc. Of course you can touch them and change them. In the software you cannot touch and feel how many GB the file is in. Software is made based on the computer that how many bits it will support. As iso file of Windows 11 is known as a software. It has hardware parts 8GB RAM and harddisk free space. Or like playing games, there is a lack of graphics.

Gaming desktop

To play gaming, you should install the system with at least 8GB RAM. In this also RAM will not work and graphics card will have to be installed in it. With this, the video quality will be seen in high resolution. The speed of the computer system is the best. by using it There is a change in visual feedback. After installing the graphics, then you can enjoy the game by installing any game.

Gaming laptop

Talking about gaming laptops, you can already see a lot of smart slim laptops in it. Most of these laptops have integrated graphics installed. If you want to install separately then you can install . This is the best game to play. Now laptops are mostly seen in the market due to the purpose of the game. Mini laptop and slim looks very special.

The fastest process desktop will work in gaming laptops and desktops.
Desktop PC is very simple but better and has a different feel to run.
Download Laptop & Desktop Software Online – Google Search In this, you can easily store and keep personal data. If you want to transfer data to someone, then you can send it immediately. In this, the data is immediately received by the user in front.

All in one PC

All-in-one PC is a smart PC or mini desktop which is installed as a monitor. It is fitted inside the system monitor. There is no need to buy a separate desktop in this. Inside it resides a hidden build. There is little space required to keep it. Parts for its repair are rarely available in the market. Can order online. You will feel much better in this than on the desktop. The resolution in its screen also comes in high quality. It has a good build compared to desktop .

Server Computer

Special purpose computers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We cannot divide the server computer on the basis of size because it can be small or big depending on the function and capacity. Hard Disk (SAS), Processor, RAM and Power Supply are all components of the server that Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and company aadi use. All the hardware components included are of high quality so that it remains functional 24*7 regardless of whether it is enabled or long lasting.

It is very costly to build servers on a large scale, so it is not common for small companies to build servers. Google , Amazon and Facebook are examples of online services.

Resources such as website hosting, cloud storage, and cloud computing are available thanks to Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Talking about the work of the server, it mainly works to provide different types of service to other client computers, this service can be online or it can also be offline.

Hosting, cloud storage and cloud computing services are all available. Resources – Includes Google Drive, a Gmail account, and 15 GB of storage. 15GB of storage space is available via Google’s server store.

Network Computer

Moving data between nodes in an information system through a common media. Networking includes the design, construction and use of computer networks, as well as the management, maintenance and operation of network infrastructure, software, and rules.

Computer networking allows the connection of endpoints and devices over a LAN to each other as well as to large networks such as the Internet or private wide area networks (WANs). For service providers, enterprises, and customers around the world, this function is critical to resource sharing, using or providing services, and communicating. Everything is made possible through networking, including phone conversations, text messages, streaming video and the Internet of Things.

Electronic circuit

A battery or generator, a device that provides energy to charged particles producing current, a device that uses current, such as a computer, or an electric motor, calculator, clock, ATM, signal, etc. Every device we operate through electronic circuits saves both energy and time. In the modern era, the most electronic device is being used because it is the simplest means. It provides service like security and pollution is also being avoided.

Mini Computer

Mini computers are designed to allow multiple users to use them simultaneously.  Mini computer is basically a medium sized computer. In terms of size and capacity, minicomputers lie in between the workstation and the mainframe. In recent years, the gap between large minicomputers and smaller mainframes has narrowed. Mini computer is used to prepare salary bills, keep income-expenditure and accounts and do scientific calculations etc.

Mac OS

The Macintosh operating system is a working framework that runs on Mac PCs. It is articulated, “mac-gracious es.” The Macintosh operating system has been around since the first Mac was presented in 1984. Since then, it is being updated continuously and along with many new features have also been included in it.

With a new number (eg Macintosh operating system 8, Macintosh operating system 9, Macintosh operating system 10) .

Linux OS

Initially, Linux was designed only for PCs but later it was used in servers, centralized computer PCs, and supercomputers. Apart from this, Linux is also used in routers, cars, televisions, Savvy, and video game consoles.

• Linux is an open-source operating system that acts as an interface between the computer and the user.

• It was invented by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

• Linux is an open-source operating system, which means that anyone can use it for free and can also modify it.

Windows OS

Windows was developed by Microsoft company. The Windows operating system was developed by a well-known IT company through the Microsoft organization. Windows operating system is very popular and that is why it is so popular because it has a very easy interface, all its features, make our work easy. And it is the only such operating system which is taught in schools as well.

In almost every shop, office only window is used. And according to a survey it is believed that 90% of computers use windows operating system and smartphones also come with windows, almost all people in India use windows computer, it is very easy to learn its use. If I talk about window operating system, then here is a graphical interface operating system, window operating system is very famous and most used operating system. And the reason for its fame is its graphical display.

Input device

Input device refers to the physical parts of the hardware, which are the basic input devices for providing user input data.
An input device is a piece of computer equipment such as a keyboard that enables you to insert information into a computer.

Input device names include:




Touch Screen




These are the names of some common computer input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Input devices are considered among the primary devices in the computer. Today modern devices like webcams, microphones, input devices like touchscreen come equipped in laptops.

Output device

The device of the computer through which the result is received from the computer. Such a device is called an output device of a computer. The device through which the computer shows the result. That device is called an output device.

That is, the output device is that device. With the help of which results are obtained. It is not possible to get output from a computer without an output device. Without this, we cannot even know what result the computer gave or what is going on in the computer. Whose function is to give output in different ways. like; Printer is also an output device

Other Computer Device

A significant number of current hardware are essentially specialized PCs, though we don’t necessarily think of them that way. The following are some common models.

Cell phone; A cell phone is any portable telephone that uses cellular network technology to make and receive calls. The name comes from the cell-like structure of these networks. There is some confusion about cell phones to smartphones, but technically, from the latest mobile phones, every mobile phone is a cell phone.

Tablet PC; Tablet is a mobile computing device, which is bigger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop. It is also known as tablet computer, tab, tablet PC. Its size is equal to a book or a small book. Tablet PCs work on Windows operating system, Android and iOS operating systems. It is a portable computer like a laptop. Which can be carried anywhere from one place to another. Due to the small screen size of tablet PC as compared to laptop, they are used for work like marketing, student studies at home, office.

ATM Machine; ATM is such an automatic electronic banking machine in which if a customer uses his ATM card and provides all the correct information, then he can withdraw and send money from his bank account very easily. ATM machine is also called Programmed Teller Machine.


In this post we have explained what is computer and how it works. To which parts is it connected? We have tried that based on what is going to the computer in the present it is written. It is an electronic device that does smart work. We have ticked some such headlines which touch the computer somewhere.  If you get to learn something new from this post, then do tell by commenting. Thanks Dear