Smars USB Voice Recorder Pendrive Flash Drive with 8 GB Internal Memory and 20 Hours Battery Backup

Voice Recorder

Connect the recorder to your Mac or Windows computer using the included USB cable. The list shows all your audio files and you can encrypt and name them by time.

With its fashionable silver styling, it can be used as a voice recorder, MP3 player, USB flash drive, backpack buckle, key chain or decoration to meet your every need.

USB Voice Recorder is a dual-purpose flash drive and voice recording device that hides your audio recordings.
It can record sound while in pocket, bag or drawer. With up to 20 hours of audio Storage, you’ll never miss an important event.
At the flip of a switch, this wireless USB voice recorder transforms into your own audio recording system. Plug and Play technology allows simple review and transfer to any computer.
Since this voice recorder is a USB drive, you can easily plug it into any computer, upload and email your recordings. No Software to install.
Perfect for the busy student who can’t miss the beat. All your classes are easily transferred to your computer.

The LiteRec Audio Recorder with a built-in voice-activated sensor is shaped like a fully functional 8GB USB flash drive, allowing you to keep your recordings and documents on the same device.

LightRec can be used as your “portable” ear to record anything, anywhere, store your thoughts and record important meetings! Check Price- Amazon

It is operated by simple switches rather than any confusing buttons. The on/off switch is neatly integrated into the design, keeping the recorder ready to use at all times.

The high-powered microphone ensures clear recordings in continuous and voice-activated recording modes.

Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder Pendrive 8GB

Designed to be lightweight and practical, this amazing USB flash drive voice recorder boasts high-end features that put it miles ahead of traditional recorders: S

USB Flash Drive Design: When recording, blinking lights, LEDs or any kind of sound are not allowed.
Compact: 2.75 x 0.78 x 0.27 inch / 12g
Voice-activated recording eliminates the need to record long pauses or silent periods.
Selectable continuous or voice activated recording mode
Long battery life: 110mAh rechargeable battery (8 hours).
Audio Format 192/512Kbps.
WAV\s8GB built-in memory: 20 hours continuous recording time