Windows 11iso download

windows 11iso

Download Windows 11 iso image file absolutely free and feel better. Features of Windows 11 are very best which is available with better activity. Do you know what an ISO file is? How to Download Windows 11ISO File? how to setup file ? In this post we will learn how to download, bootable pen drive and system configuration and install iso file.

Windows 11 About us

Added the best feature ever in a Windows program, which is pretty cool. The interface of Windows 11 is very strong which is being liked by the users.It is included in many versions available in Windows like -Pro,Home,Enterprise,Education etc.Windows 11 was released on 5 October which started with the trail. It has a very cool Windows theme. Windows 11 is manufactured by .

windows 11iso

difference iso file and non-iso file

This file is a simple image file and non-iso file is not simple. ISO image file is created from which bootable pendrive can be created easily.When bootable pendrive is run in the system, then the bios is set according to the program. After this simple your program starts running.
Non – iso windows are not supported due to files being heavy. Whenever we boot pendrive, it has to create a file.In the picture below, you can easily understand which is an iso file and which is not.

To create iso image file, image can be created through these software.Example- power iso, ultra iso.
To make Direct Image bootable – Rufus

windows 11 iso image Feature

Windows 10 to Windows 11 has come with new changes. Which changes in different ways. Windows 11 is now the future of the moment, which is in the process of increasing in technology. He is fine and skillful in personality. This program is needed to update the system, without this the user cannot operate the system, with this Microsoft team is there for support. Which will prove to be very helpful for the user. Download Windows 11 by clicking on the Download button. Make the pendrive bootable by downloading the rufus software. Install Windows 11 in the system.

At the end of the article, we provide another method for installing Windows 11 without downloading an ISO disc image. Read thoroughly.

We’re talking about Windows 11 because Microsoft recently released the ISO file for the Windows 11 Preview build. Previously, the only way to install Windows 11 was through the Update & Security settings.

The functionality of Windows 11 is enormous. Giving up on the graphics bump, gamers can outperform.

windows 11iso download

Convert zip file and winr file to siso on your personal computer and boot pendrive. Boot via power iso and rufus.

You are able to meet and chat more easily for meetings. It contains an Android emulator for mobile games on your PC. You can take the help of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11.A lot of changes have been WiFi Connect, etc. will be able to operate differently.

Introduced in front of us in a new form, which really envisioned a better program. Windows 11 has come with a new result. And leads to entry into a better digital world. The result is very strong and you will see changes in the theme, graphics, design etc. Which is great for a professional

What is TPM ?

Windows 11 requires TPM. TPM stands for Trust Platform Model. It talks to other security components and software on your operating system. Download Windows 11ISO file

Also, you can clean and install Windows 11 on a new machine. Now that Windows 11 ISO files are available, you may want to download them to your system. Below, we have shared a step-by-step guide on downloading Windows 11 ISO files.

Windows 11 sytem Requirment

Oparating system-windows 11 
File size-5.18GB
Doveloper- Microsoft corporation
Rufus 3.17download

 Windows 11 ISO Files Download (Official website)

Having an ISO image file of Windows 11 is beneficial for a number of reasons. You can install or test Windows 11 on a new device by burning the ISO file to a Pendrive. How to download Windows 11 in direct ISO image. Follow the steps given below.

Step.1- To Download Windows 11 From Microsoft Official Website. Click Link

windows 11iso

Click on the software download option in the above picture.

Step.2- Click on Windows 11 in the picture given below.

windows 11iso

Step.3– Select iso image file download (windows 11 .multi -edtion iso) -click download

windows 11iso

Step.4- Select Languase and confirm button click

windows 11iso

Step.5- 64 bit download click (Windows 11iso image file size -5.2GB)

Note -only 64 bit download iso image file avaible

choose on Save Location on Desktop (to save the file).