Intel’s Alder Lake, Raptor Lake CPUs Get Support for 192GB of DDR5

CPU 192GB Ram

MSI announced  that its Intel 600 and 700-series motherboards will fully support DDR5 memory modules in 24GB and 48GB capacities. As a result, (CPU) MSI platforms based on Intel’s latest chipsets can now support up to 192GB of DDR5 memory (Ram) using Intel’s latest 12th and 13th generation Core processors. Other motherboard manufacturers are likely to follow MSI’s lead soon.

Since this feature was originally built into Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards, the BIOS did not need to be updated to support (CPU) 192GB of RAM. Its Motherboards based on the Intel Z790, B760, Z690, B660 and H610 chipsets that are part of the proprietary MEG, MPG, MAG and PRO series will now support the new RAM modules with 24 and 48 GB capacities, MSI said. With 192GB of RAM, each core in the same 24-core flagship Core i9-13900K processor now has 8GB of RAM.

 CPU 192GB  Ram

According to MSI, Intel has not yet officially confirmed support for 192 GB of RAM in the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors. According to processor manufacturer databases, these chips still “only” support up to 128 GB of RAM. However, this is because new modules with 24 and 48 GB capacities have yet to be certified by Intel, as the publication suggests.

Also, while motherboards based on Ryzen 7000 and AMD 600-series chipsets support DDR5 Memory, MSI’s announcement does not apply to AMD processor motherboards. Perhaps there will be a similar announcement in the future. AMD’s website still lists RAM support up to 128GB for Ryzen 7000 processors.

 CPU 192GB  Ram
Source : MSI

Meanwhile, according to Intel’s Arc database, the company’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors (including the recently launched Core i9-13900KS CPU) only support 128GB of memory. Crucial, a subsidiary of Micron, has yet to begin selling its 24GB and 48GB memory modules in the United States.