Intel to release Core i9-13900KS 13th Gen CPU and B760 Motherboard new update in January 2023

Core i9-13900KS

The launch date of Core i9-13900ks processor has been fixed and it will be launched in the first week of January. Till now the series was not completed in Intel Core i9 13th generation but now preparations are going on for completion.  With this will launch the motherboard B760. The Intel Core i9 13th Gen processor was earlier 5.80Ghz but now the same series is going to have a complete 6.0Ghz . 22% more expensive than Intel Core i9-13900k 13th Gen processor.  Intel is going to introduce a long line of mobiles and displays based on Raptor Lake silicon, the latest update in about a month.

The Intel Core i9-13900KS and 65W SKUs will launch at CES 2023 in early January next year. It is said that Intel will launch its mid-range B760 motherboard series with the processor.

Not all CPUs will be completely new though, as some SKUs are using older CPUs from the Elder Raptor Lake series.

From here, if there is a change in Intel’s core series, then changes will be seen in other series as well.

Because it is being told that in 2023, all the companies are about to bring the latest updates and together they are about to launch new series. AMD or NVIDIA is also about to launch a new series in 2023, so that 13th Gen Me users don’t get interrupted. Now AMD is preparing to launch beyond Ryden 7000 series.

The series that has just arrived is the Intel Core i9-13900k and the upcoming series is the Intel Core i9-13900ks which will be launched in the first week of January. Click here for the official website of the company – Intel

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