Intel Lunar Lake is a new low-power mobile architecture designed by Intel.

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Intel is reportedly preparing an entirely new architecture for its 17th generation Lunar Lake CPU. The chipmaker will enter the 20A process node within a few years, with mass production by the end of 2023. Raptor Cove architecture is expected to be used again in this year’s lineup refresh. Newer processors may use the LGA 1700 socket or the larger LGA 1800 socket.

The Meteor Lake lineup is scheduled to debut in 2024. However, recent leaks indicate that, as reported earlier, Arrow Lake is possibly preparing a lineup refresh for its 15th and 16th generations.

Michelle Johnson Holthaus confirmed to Dr. Ian Cuttres TechTechPotato that Lunar Lake cpu will be built from the ground up. Intel is reportedly developing a completely new architecture for its 17th-generation Lunar Lake CPUs. Furthermore, this architecture is intended to concentrate on mobile devices, with power efficiency being the primary focus.

More information about the Intel Core architecture and the lineup’s future has recently emerged. The company’s 18A process node information has currently been leaked.