Instax Square Link Smartphone Printer;Review

Instax Square Link

Instax launched a new product named Fujifilm intax square printer at the Fosun Art Center in Shanghai on 27 October 2022. It is a very small printer which means you can keep it in your pocket. Although I have not yet found a small printer to see. This Instax Square Link apps have very interesting feature that you can display art inside this app itself.  Somewhere you do not need to look for another platform, as you do not want to scatter the art, you can do it all in it. Install the Instax app on your mobile and connect the printer via Bluetooth, After that print directly.

Can you send photos to your friends through the app if you take photos with this app you get the best video or picture quality.  In this you will get to see the most creative process, which you can design different frames.

The AR printing function provides users with a more engaging experience. With support for specific mobile devices, users can use the exclusive app to create AR effects and print Instax photos with QR codes. Instax square link printer best pocket supported smartphone.

instax square link printer in a best feature

It is nothing like the Latest Model but it definitely has some cool features like AR print.  The printer is portable and sturdy, you can keep it in bags and pockets.

Two color designs have been introduced in it, one color is ash white and the other color is midnight green.  Talking about its charging, it will take 80 minutes and complete in 120 minutes. Usb charging type-c cable is connected to it.

Talking about its environment temperature, it should be from 5’c to 40’c. Format size support for print is JPEG,PNG,HEIF,DNG and print process time is 12 sec. Image size can be printed up to 62mmx62mm.