IISc Bangalore researchers develop energy-efficient computing platform

The center for nano science and engineer (CeNSE) has researched and developed energy efficient computing plate farm which will help in the development of next generation electronic equipment. Instead of using complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS), which are the building blocks of most electronic circuits today, the team used components called memristors that store data. The speed of computing can be calculated further. It was developed in the field of (energy) computing platform by IISc Bangalore researchers.

By designing unique memories based on metal-organic complexes, OR can cut down on the number of components needed in electronic circuits, which can significantly increase speed and efficiency, IISc said in the press. Then the design of this vinegar will be changed, and apart from this, a lot of space will be seen in the design. Researchers may be able to adapt a single circuit to multiple functions by making minor chemical changes, such as adding or swapping one or two ions to the complexes.

We have now discovered a molecular circuit element that can capture complex logic functions within itself, facilitating in-memory computations in short time steps and with much fewer elements than usual,” said Sritosh Goswami, assistant professor at CeNSE. uses it. In the field of this technology, a lot has been shown. Metal-organic complexes were used to create their platform, which was designed by CENSE expert scientist Sribrata Goswami.

The process of connecting to the sensor is in progress.

The team discovered that the new platform offered 47 times greater energy efficiency and 93 times faster operating speed than a typical (CMOS) circuit while taking up only 9% of the physical footprint when they built circuits that performed the mathematical operations and compared them to a typical CMOS circuit. It was developed in the field of (energy) computing platform by IISc Bangalore researchers, which is currently under process to integrate with the sensor.

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