How To Build Your Own PC | Parts, Budget, Step-by-Step

Personal Computer

How to make a personal computer and what faith is going to be required, first of all we will go into it, if you are using it for the first time, now you are trying to make it, then you should know about this post completely.

Personal Computer
Personal Computer

If you are thinking of making a computer for the first time, then you have to take care of some things, after that you can install the CPU sitting at home. First of all, you have to decide for which use you have to use the computer and what work we have to do from our personal computer.

our is to design our personal computer in such a way that it can fulfill  of our dreams and can be customized according to our needs. Below we explain in detail..

Give a little information about the computer that the computer is an electronic device and it itself moves towards you and you have to keep it under control.

Personal Computer
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Our Budgets

If you have decided that our budgets are something like Rs 20,000, You we will design your personal computer according to the budget. You can order this Amazon online or purchase from your local market.

Select Choice Accessories

When you design your personal computer, then we have to decide which parts to use in it. This is why I have told that your fixed parts are the base per your system and you have excellence in one included part. Because once you put your hands on or buy the parts, they are included in your computer and they start working with you for some time.

Diffrents Parts install

The reason why we have talked about installing different parts in this post is because you are advised to install them according to the schedule you have. Because those who keep changing with time are the best devices.  Their support customization is eco friendly, And the quality is going to be found in the difference in the design.

Latest Benefit Parts

  • Get the best computer design.
  • These computers are smart and mini PC.
  • There is a difference in speed according to the time in these PCs.
  • Smoothly used while working on these PCs and loading processing is very good.
  • Can do more than one thing at the same time.
  • Graphics video quality is the best in these.
  • In the latest computer, different parts can be used very easily.
  • All these devices are network and software compatible.

Self Customise install Gadgets

Look, if you are making a personal computer yourself, then this point is for you that whatever part you are using, what is the value of the used parts, what is the difference in speed and how to make it work, you should use it in your computer. I don’t know. and you can reinstall personal computer.  The journey up to now was about deciding on your computer and dede about the parts. Now what I am going to tell in the next post is going to be information about total hardware parts.

Software Need Equipment

When we build a computer, we need software, in this you can use Windows 10 or 11. How to download Windows 11 and you will find the link in the download button below. After this you may need software like Microsoft Office, Hindi fonts , Editing ,Meeting ,Typing and Etc Software . All you have to do is download Windows 11 and make it bootable in the pendrive. After Windows is installed, you can download all software by connecting to the net.

windows 11 iso- download

boot software for pen drive- Rufus  / Poweriso

All Parts information

This personal computer has been fixed in the lowest budget, this computer is made without graphic card. Pendrive will be required for bootable. Software can be downloaded and installed after Windows.

  • Pendrive
  • Cabinet (case)
  • Motherboard h61
  • Processor core i5 4 th Gen
  • RAM 8GB
  • SSD 500GB
  • WIFI Decvice
  • Led 18 inch
  • UPS Bettry Beckup
  • Keyboard Mouse
  • Software online download


This computer is designed in the lowest budget and it is made in Core i5 4th generation, it does not have a graphic card. In this post, we have told how to install the computer and what parts are required in it.

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