Core I3 Desktop Install

How To Core I3 Desktop Install

How to install Core i3 desktop and if you have an old computer and want to upgrade, you can still do it from home. First of all your computer is less than Core i3. Processors like the dual core, Core 2due , Pentium can be upgraded to Core i3.

Now how can the parts of your old computer be used, you can use hard disks, ddr3 ram and cabinet to match them. In this, you can install more mini cabinets, for this you will have to purchase a new one.

Core I3 Desktop Install
Core I3 Desktop Install

Core i3 Processor  Specification

H61 motherboard is installed in Core I3 processor and the speed of motherboard processor is up to 3.2 ghz and it is supportable till third generation. Windows 32 and 64 bit are supported in this. Windows 32 and 64 bit are supported in this. Can install Core I3, Core I5 and Core I7 processors or supports up to 3rd gen.

Motherboard H61 Specification

Motherboard H61 can install up to 16 GB Ram and supports I3, I5 and I7 processor third generation. It has DDR3 Ram installed motherboard is LGA 1155 pin and its supported result is 8106E 10/100 Mbps, It has extra port hdmi and 6usb port but PS2 port less.

The motherboard h61 has a sata cable and the driver cd comes with it, and the cabinet also has a jack bar, which fixes the port on the motherboard, comes with the motherboard.

Core I3 Desktop Install
Core I3 Desktop Install

Hardware Install Feature

The hardware install feature of your choice can decide whether you can install the hardware according to your budget, like you can install 8GB RAM and SSD harddisk 256GB for support.

If you want to go even more budget then you can also use Core I5, i7 processor, apart from this you can use SSD 500GB, 1TB and also install 16 GB RAM.

Which hardware parts can be used in Core i3 computer, you can see the list given below.

  • cabinet (case)
  • Motherboard H61
  • Processor I3,I5,I7 3rd Gen
  • CPU Fan
  • Ram 2X8GB
  • SSD Hardisk 500GB
  • WIFI Device
  • LED 18inch
  • Keyboard Mouse
  • UPS
  • Speaker
  • Graphics

Software install

In this, software installation can be installed in 32 and 64 bit, apart from this, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11 can also be installed.Apart from this, you can also install games and official software.


In this post, it has been told that how to install Core i3 Desktop System and what hardware is required and apart from this, how to make it in minimum budget and which parts are required.

How to update your old system and add some hardware parts to it. You have also been given information in some hardware parts, with the help of which you can update the computer.