Azio ( MK-RETRO-L-02-US ) Retro Classic Posh – USB Luxury Vintage Back lit Mechanical Keyboard and Get 25% Off

Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard

Each keyboard includes a custom logo plaque made of premium grade brushed anodized aluminium. The Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard is designed to work with both Mac and PC Interfaces and includes an extra set of easily interchangeable PC keycaps.

I’ve never seen anything like this keyboard before. It’s listed as vintage and classic, but it really gives me retrofuturism. The typewriter look is achieved by the circular keys with a copper-colored finish. However, when combined with its form factor, they have a very steampunk feel to them. There’s even a backlight. What’s more, the leather behind the keys is genuine white leather. That’s pretty cool. And, because it’s a Mechanical keyboard, it’ll give you all the clicky-clackiness you could want. The retro keyboard is currently 25% off.

Latest Artical

    The keyboard Frame is made of zinc aluminium alloy and is plated in a lovely chrome/satin finish with a leather top plate. The mechanical keys are tuned to be tactile and “clicky,” evocative of vintage typewriters. To adjust the keyboard height, simply twist the pillar-style feet.

    Bluetooth allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time. Simply connect the included USB-C cable to your device and type in when USB mode is selected.

    Azio MK Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard