SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL wireless keyboard: best keyboard release of 2023

The wired / English layout version of the Apex Pro TKL 2023 series, a gaming keyboard that promises to be the “world’s fastest”. The World’s Fastest Keyboard OmniPoint 2.0 outperforms standard mechanical keyboards with 11x faster response and 10x faster actuation. The world’s fastest and most advanced keyboard performs flawlessly for all tasks, whether you need the fastest keystrokes in gaming to destroy your opponents or deliberate presses for typing accuracy – the power is yours to wield.

By the way, the “Apex Pro TKL 2023” series includes both wired and wired / English layout models, and sales have already begun. Both use the “OmniPoint2.0” switch, which has the world’s fastest response speed of 11 times and can reduce the actuation point to 0.2mm. You can assign two actions to a single key based on how you press it. Walk forward with a light keypress, then sprint with a deeper keypress. To beat the competition, create your own advanced combos. With an ultra-fast 2.4GHz connection or Bluetooth 5.0, you can play for days with no lag.

The tenkeyless design saves valuable desk space for big mouse-swipes, bringing you closer to victory. The OLED Smart Display functions as an integrated command centre, allowing you to change settings, profiles, and view live updates. With Engine, you can unlock Apex Pro TKL Wireless‘s unique capabilities. This simple software allows you to programme 2-in-1 action key binds, per-key RGB illumination, and custom actuation points.

The metal top plate in the Series 5000 is identical to the aluminium used in jets, providing increased rigidity and structural stability for a lifetime of use. Our fadeproof PBT keycaps have a unique texture for improved keystroke feel and typing accuracy. The USB-C braided cable is both durable and detachable, making it suitable for everyday use.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL 2023 wireless keyboard

Key Switches
OmniPoint Adjustable Mechanical
Switch RatingGuaranteed 100 Million Presses
Processor32 bit ARM
Adjustable Actuation Points0.2-3.8 mm
ConnectionDetachable USB Type-C
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