There is a Thread With NVIDIA Recently Launched RTX 6000 ADA Graphics Card.

There is a thread with NVIDIA’s recently launched RTX 6000 ADA graphics card. Thus it is by far the most powerful version of the AD102 GPU in the market. NVIDIA’s new RTX 6000 pad fits the chin (loading 35% the size of the 4090), which is pretty impressive considering its TDP is 300w.
1080p? That’s not exactly a great graphics score (4090 RTX no overclock, jo behtar result de sake – 36,844).
Compared to the RTX 4090, at least 48 GB of RAM is needed. NVIDIA has a separate line of specifically designed workstation models.
36,844 was stock before the latest Windows update. Some of this screwed up the timepy and GPU scores of the RTX 4090. Now the average 4090 score is around 33K.
Remember the RTX 6000 ADA graphics card is a museum. RTX claims card runs at 85°C core with 70% friends on. These can run at 95°C core 24×7 for 10 years before any issues.

(NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA) Source: Healthy-Blood-54

To refresh your memory, the RTX A6000 ADA has 18176 CUDA cores more than the MSI 4090, and the 4090 scored about 5k higher in the same system. Overall, the 4090 remains the superior Gaming card. The total score was 36k, not the graphics score. Because of the powerful CPU we are using, the CPU significantly boosts the score. However, the graphics score remains unchanged. 3DMark performance is currently erratic, and we don’t know if the user was using the most recent drivers.


The 6000 ADA should at least match the RTX 4090 benchmarks, but given the TDP limitations, it may struggle to run extremely fast with more demanding workloads.

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