Check Out The Newly Leaked File Explorer Feature in Windows 11.

Every year, Windows Insider Preview channels Microsoft to test new features and improvements before incorporating them into the next update. As a result, we know that Windows 11 major update will be released in 2023.

Microsoft is developing a new XAML-based gallery view for Windows 11 File Explorer that will let you browse your photos by date as well as through an integrated search box. This new gallery option is accessible from the right sidebar of File Explorer, allowing you to view all your photos in one place.

It’s similar to Microsoft’s Photos app in some ways, but Microsoft uses XAML to bring the best of the web to desktop apps. This new gallery view is still under development and will be improved in a future release.

The gallery view appears to be optimized for touch screen devices, and Microsoft will expand the integration to include your OneDrive photos. File Explorer received tabs in the most recent major Windows 11 update. Users can easily manage folders, directories with tab support and the experience is similar to tabs in Microsoft Edge.

image source : Ramen Software

Microsoft has also developed a new modern sidebar called ‘Home’ which has options like This PC. The update also improves OneDrive integration in File Explorer, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and letting you see all your files in one location.

You can pin and mark files as favorites just like you do in Microsoft 365 or OneDrive. Microsoft has also included a contextual suggestions feature. It allows users to easily share files with their contacts.

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