Hyperkin’s Xbox 360-style controller gets release date and price on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox 360 Controller

Hyperkin’s Xbox 360-style controller release date and price revealed.

Hyperkin, the company that makes retro-inspired gaming accessories for modern consoles, is back. Instead of creating an original Xbox controller, the company decided to skip a generation and create the Xenon, an Xbox 360style controller for the Xbox Series X|S.

Xenon will be available on June 6 and will cost USD 49.99. The controller is available in black, white, pink and red colors.

Compared to the Hyperkin’s Duke, a re-release of the original Xbox’s giant controller that costs $90 when it’s not on sale, the Xenon is a lot less expensive. And, since the Xbox 360 controller became the mold for most modern gamepads used today, I’d wager that it’s a more usable controller for current games.

On May 5, you can pre-order the Xenon controller on the Hyperkin website.

The 360-inspired controller also features precision analog impulse triggers, a View and Share button for taking screenshots and recording gameplay, vibration feedback, a 3.5 mm headset jack, and a detachable Type-C cable for charging/upgrading your controller.
The controller was announced in November of last year and is named after the original codename assigned to the first console iteration of the Xbox 360.

This isn’t the first time Hyperkin has chosen to honor older Xbox consoles. On its website, you can buy the Duke Wired controller for the Xbox Series X|S, as well as the iconic single-earpiece headset used in the 360 era.