Advanced Data Protection; Password Requires Hardware key

secure password

I want to use a combination of keychain and apple notes, so is it as secure as 1 password, in which both systems use e2e and only I have access to the keys within the system in 1password There is an advantage of being safe.

secure password

Because you must physically hold the key and generate it, hardware authentication is extremely secure. This means that an online phisher cannot trick someone into giving up their password, or even their password and a second factor code, in order to gain access to a digital account. You already know this intuitively because it is the foundation of door keys. Someone will require your key to open your front door – and if you lose your key, it’s usually not the end of the world because whoever finds it will have no idea what it’s for. The door is opened. There are various types of hardware keys for digital accounts.

Is it correct that the need for secure password-protecting notes (in Apple Notes) is no longer required (for protection from cloud intrusion, which says nothing about people who have access to my Laptop)? Because everything will be encrypted, why would you encrypt a note that will be encrypted end to end?

You most likely have dozens or even hundreds of digital accounts, and even if they all supported hardware tokens, managing physical keys for all of them would be difficult. However, for your most important accounts and those that serve as a backup for other logins, such as your email, the security and phishing resistance of hardware keys can provide significant peace of mind.

While adding another best practise to your digital security to-do list may seem daunting at first, hardware tokens are actually simple to set up. And you’ll get a lot of mileage out of them even if you only use them on a couple of key accounts. The goal is to make it easier for users to manage their digital account authentication so that they do not resort to insecure workarounds such as weak passwords. Passwords, as much as you might wish, aren’t going away anytime soon, thanks to their pervasiveness. In the midst of all the talk about passkeys, hardware tokens remain an important security option.

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