Rapid Typing download

Rapid Typing download

Rapid Typing (download) Program is really a series of learning you can become a better typist and this typing program has a simple and nice interface. Actually this application is very simple and most for that person who is inexperienced because it has great keyboard feature add in which finger key and which finger you have to put on which you get it in rapid typing application program when When you open the typing application, you get a small digital keyboard show on the screen and through that you can learn while watching. Rapid typing 5.2 download .

Rapid typing tutor 5.2

In this application, it is very easy to search your finger, which figure you have to put on which key button and you can easily see all this on your screen, you have to look at the keyboard once and set it according to the finger key. Then you can type while looking at the screen continuously, but you will start showing the keyboard and seeing that you can increase the typing speed, after the typing paragraph is completed, you can check the speed and mistake and in this way you can increase the speed. Because in today’s time it is necessary to have typing speed. Rapid typing 5.2 free download

Typing Tutor is available in both setup and portable versions. If you only plan to work with Rapid Typing on your local PC, choose the setup version. But if you want to use it from your flash drive or any external device on the go. It has a portable version exactly what you need. In the classroom you can use both versions of your choice. Rapid Typing is helpful for the candidates who are using computer for the first time. Because it starts with a small pattern, typing and the on-screen keyboard help. Then you don’t have to look at the keyboard.

Rapid typing download

Speed Typing Test

Rapid typing software has some lessons like -Basic, Shift key, Digit key, Numeric pad, depending on it there is a different text, after typing, a statistical report appears in front of you about how you did it. This refers to your speed in words per minute (WPH) as well as your accuracy and your speed in each key in keys per minute (KPH) functions. Its colorful interface helps to make the experience fun, engaging youth and learners.

Rapid typing download
Rapid typing download

Learn to use your keyboard in a fun and entertaining manner for free. Rapid Typing Tutor is intended to teach adults and children how to use their computer keyboard more effectively than ever before.

Learning to type can be simple and enjoyable! The Lesson Editor allows you to completely customise each lesson. You can add, insert, change, and delete lessons, organise them into courses, and view the associated metrics. This tool can also be installed on a local server in a classroom and easily run on each workstation via the network.

Correct posture Sitting straight, with your feet flat on the floor and placing your keyboard, so that your arms and hands are at an angle that is comfortable for you.

Place your fingers on the keys in the Home row. (ASDF and JKL on your left hand; JKL on your right). Place your breadcrumbs in the space bar.

Typing Technique: Use typing which involves typing without looking at the keyboard. Keep your keys close to the home row and use the correct keys for each key.

Practice: Regular practice will help you to improve your typing speed and accuracy. There are many online typing tests and games available to help you improve.

Don’t look at the keyboard: Try not looking at the keyboard while typing. It helps in developing muscle memory and improving your speed.

Remember to take breaks to prevent hand and wrist fatigue and strain. You can increase your typing speed and accuracy with practice.

Installing RapidTyping on a Windows device is simple:

On our website, click the Download button. This will begin the download from the developer’s website.

After downloading RapidTyping, double-click it to begin the installation process.

You should be able to see and run the programme once the installation is complete.

Feature’s of highlights

  • This course assists in learning the location of keys on a keyboard. After completing this course, you will be able to hit each key without having to look at the keyboard. Upper-case letters, special symbols, and the numeric pad are also covered in the course.
  • By memorising frequently used syllables and words, you can improve your typing speed.
  • Numeric pad lessons
  • Basic typing lesson
  • Moving Hands

Rapid typing details

File Name-Rapid typng 5.2 download
OS Requirement-windows xp/windows7/windows8/windows8.1/windows10
License: free download
Download size: 14.1MB
Doveloper: Rapid typing 
Category: windows apps

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