The NZXT H9 Series is a spacious mid-tower with powerful airflow and vibrant style.

NZXT introduces the new H9 Flow and Elite cases (Series) as part of its high-end offerings. The H9 series is a true showcase for premium components, but keeps them cool with a capacity of 10 fans and multiple radiator setup options. Featuring seamless glass paneling to showcase every angle of the most powerful components with a dual-chamber design to help enhance cooling.

The H9 has plenty of premium components, several radiator mounting options, and the ability to mount the GPU vertically. H9 keeps things clean and simple while supporting powerful builds. Two versions are available, the H9 Flow and the H9 Elite.

The H9 Flow features a perforated top panel, room for up to 10 fans, and multiple radiator mounting options for increased cooling. The H9 Elite features a tempered glass top panel with a unique clear radiator mounting bracket and built-in RGB and fan controller for better lighting customization.

In addition to these new Cases, the company also introduced a new ATX 3.0 certified power supply and a new lineup of fans called Duo. These products are currently available for purchase at leading retailers in the US, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, South Asia and India.

Gamers can choose any of these cases according to their needs. Irrespective of the variant, both the options will come with uninterrupted glass panels on the front and sides.

Using a dual-chamber design, the H9 separates aesthetically pleasing parts from wires and cables that can clutter up the build while keeping things clean and cool by allowing for more airflow options.

The NZXT H9 Series offers multiple radiator mounting options and plenty of room for sizes up to 360mm. Configure the H9nìsi for optimized CPU or GPU cooling based on fan and radiator placement.

The H9 features the distinctive clear radiator bracket, providing insight into the interior and the new dual-sided LEDs on the F120 RGB Duo fans – letting you get the most out of the Elite’s glass top panel. The H9 Elite comes with built-in RGB and fan controllers for color customization and cooling control. Three F Series 120mm RGB Duo fans are also included to display RGB from any angle.

A solid steel bracket for mounting your GPU vertically, supporting high-speed data transfer and backward compatibility. This mount is ready for 40 series cards with a riser cable supporting PCIe 4.0 with high-speed data transfer.

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