Microsoft Office 2016 : The Essential upgrade Productivity Suite for Windows

How to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 and understand it closely. Microsoft Office 2016 is a very super and smooth running software which is used in every field. Although it requires technical hardware information, which requires storage speed to install, it will be required. Here we suggest you for direct download and in this you can download from here in 32 bit and 64 bit.

Through Microsoft Office, you can use in online work, office work, company and school, college etc. Microsoft office 2016 has added online sharing function which you can do online sharing, Which every employee can share the file among themselves.

Office 2016 also comes with a slew of new tools and templates. Word, for example, has a new Design tab with a number of additional options for creating professional-looking documents. Excel now has a forecasting feature that can assist you in projecting future trends. In addition, PowerPoint now includes a Morph transition that allows for smooth, animated transitions between slides.

Microsoft office 2016 download

In this, you will get 1 GB storage free through oneDrive, with the help of which you can do online sharing. In Office 2016, you are going to get features like Include feature,[ word,Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook] etc.

Student Feature MS office 2016

Are there going to be more features added to the office tool for the students and with this they get extra benefits from using it? Yes, apart from extra features, they are also going to benefit from huge discounts.

Microsoft office 2016 64 bit & 32 bit

Before downloading Microsoft Office 2016, check the bit of the operating system on your system whether it is 64 bit or 34 bit, then click on the download button.

microsoft office 2016 download and install

Microsoft office 2016 install suggest vedio

As you want to install or download MS Office 2016 but still unable to install, then must watch the separate video. After watching this video the problem will be solved.

System Requirements for ms Office 2016 64-bit & 32-bit

  • CPU:- MS Office 2016 works fine with 2.5 GHz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor .
  • RAM Memory:- At least 4GB RAM
  • Storage Space:- It requires 10GB of space.
  • OS:- It is compatible with Windows 8/8.1/10, Windows 7 sp1 However, it doesn’t support Windows XP.
  • Graphics Card:- The graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10 graphics card and a minimum of 1280x 720 resolution.
  • File Size:- office 2016 32-bit (850MB) & 64-bit (951MB).


  • New design
  • Simplified ribbon interface
  • New tools and templates
  • Improved performance
  • Cloud integration
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Mobile apps


  • Not a subscription-based service
  • Not as user-friendly as some other productivity suites
  • Can be expensive to purchase
microsoft office 2016 download and feature


Overall MS Office 2016 is a very simple solution which brings additional features from MS Office 2013. You can download MS Office 2016 for Windows from here in a simple way. Through Office 2016, you can share and edit files with friends.

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