Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, will deliver a keynote speech on March 21st.

nvidia keynote speech

Nvidia CEO and founder Jenson Huang will finally appear at the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) Note in March this year. Nvidia GTC will take off from March 20, 2023 and end on March 23, 2023, but the Nvidia keynote speech will last only for one day on March 21, 2023.

Although it is not clear whether there will be gaming in them. Although GTC is traditionally associated with gaming, NVIDIA made an exception when it introduced a section called GeForce Beyond at the event last September. This conference segment provided a preview of the Ada Lovelace architecture powering Nvidia’s GeForce products. With the RTX 4070 graphics card rumored to debut in April, the upcoming GTC seems like the perfect time to at least mention this highly anticipated GPU.

Rumors suggest NVIDIA may introduce the RTX 4070 graphics card in April, so the GTC at the end of March seems like a good time to at least mention this upcoming GPU.

Officially GTC 2023 will cover: “AI, Metaverse, Cloud Technologies and Sustainable Computing”, so no new products will be introduced. NVIDIA is yet to launch its RTX Ada Workstation GPUs running AD103 and lower. We have already covered upcoming mobile products collection last week. They will surely come soon.

What do you expect to see from Nvidia keynote speech at the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) in March 2023?

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