Intel’ Arc driver update shows astounding progress.

Any graphics issues discovered while using Intel generic graphics drivers should be reported to Intel directly. Corporate customers should always use OEM drivers and report any issues to the vendor from whom the platforms and support were purchased. The Intel Graphics Driver for Intel Arc A-Series Graphics and Intel Iris Xe Graphics is included in this download. Is the driver update still being prevented by an error? Look here for a reason and a solution.

OEM drivers are hand-picked and include customised features and platform-specific solutions. The generic Intel driver provides users with the most recent feature enhancements and bug fixes, which OEMs may not have yet customised to address platform-specific needs. Users can search OEM websites for compatible OEM versions. The GPU manufacturer has updated its driver to support the recently announced Raptor Lake-S 13th Gen Core series. As a result, the main driver package now supports Arc, 11th, 12th, and 13th Generation Core CPUs.

Intel drivers support both platforms, unlike NVIDIA, which provides separate mobile and desktop driver packages. This includes Arc Mobile and Arc Desktop GPUs, as well as mobile and desktop Intel Core CPUs. So, if you see a post about the Intel Arc GPU driver, keep in mind that it also supports integrated Iris Xe graphics. Intel Official Website

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