How to Prevent Discord from Opening at Startup


Discord is a popular programme for anyone with a computer, particularly modern gamers. Discord is a fantastic application to use if you’re a gamer looking to chat with your friends at the touch of a button or a professional who needs to seamlessly communicate with colleagues throughout a workday.


Discord has grown from humble beginnings as a primarily gaming application to become one of the world’s most popular computer programmes. It is still primarily used by gamers who want to join communities, find friends to play games with, and communicate with their friends via text or voice chats. Most Discord users either create or join a server.

servers allow members of a community to gather and communicate with one another. While certain administrative roles on a Discord’s server can be shared by several people, the server will always have a single owner.

However, the owner of a server may no longer want the responsibility of running it.

Game activity is only displayed if the function is enabled on your PC. Because Discord does not yet read app activity on mobile devices, mobile games do not appear on your account even if Discord is open on your phone.

Fortunately, this procedure is extremely simple. The procedure is similar whether you are using a Mac or a PC. We’ll list both methods so you can use the process regardless of platform.

Open Discord on Windows.

To access your User Settings, click the settings gear icon next to your name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
On the left, scroll down to the “Windows Settings” tab.
Uncheck the boxes next to “Start Minimized,” “Open Discord’s,” and “Minimize to Tray.”