Fujifilm has introduced a new digital mirror-less camera: Details

In India, Fujifilm has unveiled the X-T5, its new flagship X Series mirrorless camera. The digital mirrorless camera is the most recent addition to the X Series of mirrorless digital cameras, which feature a compact and lightweight body as well as the company’s proprietary colour technology, which provides superior image quality. Fujifilm India, a photographic technology company, has announced the release of the X-T5, its new flagship camera in the X Series. This new Fujifilm digital mirrorless camera features a compact and lightweight body as well as superior image quality based on the company’s proprietary colour reproduction technology. The new premium camera, priced at Rs 1,69,999, will be available for purchase from authorised retailers and through Fujifilm’s e-commerce website.

The FUJIFILM X-T5 camera body is available in two colours: black and silver. The new camera has a small and lightweight body, as well as superior image quality thanks to the company’s proprietary colour reproduction technology. It has better image quality, a faster shutter speed of 1/180000 sec, and uses Pixel Shift Multi-Shot to expand photographic possibilities. Other features include the Smooth Skin Effect, AI-based high-precision auto white balance, and Subject Detection AF, which can detect animals and birds.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the new X-T5 in India, augmenting our range of mirrorless cameras in the country,” said Arun Babu, General Manager, Imaging Devices and Optical Division, Fujifilm India. This new camera is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of content creators. It combines advanced still photography with optical image stabilisation for improved output.”

“Over the years, we have received an overwhelming response for all of our X series cameras, and considering the success we have garnered for this range, we have now introduced the X-T5, expanding the portfolio even further,” he continued. The journey from X-T1 to X-T5 is remarkable and demonstrates our commitment to providing consumers with best-in-class cameras. We are confident that the X-T5 will provide consumers with an unprecedented experience while also assisting professionals.

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