Updates for the Razer Blade 18 BIOS 2.02 and GeForce 531.18 panel are now available, but one major bug remains.

Razer BIOS Updater

Razer, thankfully, has already addressed the first two issues with two separate hotfixes. The first is to update the Razer BIOS updater to 2.02, and the second is to install a panel hotfix patch for the Nvidia graphics driver. Both issues are, thankfully, software-resolvable and unrelated to any hardware issues.

There is still one bug that affects Blade 18 users who like to game on external monitors. Running a game on an external monitor while using DLSS 3 or Frame Generation would result in slower than expected performance. The problem appears to be unique to the Blade 18, as we had no problems running the same tests on the Blade 16. Otherwise, DLSS 3 would run flawlessly on the Blade 18’s internal monitor.

Razer has confirmed that the problem is being looked into, and we will provide an update once a solution is found.


  • Check that Windows is up to date. See How to Get the Most Recent Windows Software and Driver Updates.
  • Install the “Optional updates” under Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options if you recently updated Windows.
  • Connect the Razer Blade to a wall outlet. Before proceeding, do not let it run solely on battery power.
  • Any open documents on your computer should be saved.
  • All other programmes should be closed.
  • Download the most recent Razer Blade BIOS Updater.
  • Procedure for Updating
  • Start the updater.

Important: DO NOT run Windows Update if the Blade Updater window appears with information about your current update version and the version to which your Razer Blade laptop will be updated.

Click “UPDATE” to begin the update procedure.

Please keep in mind that control of your mouse and keyboard will be temporarily lost during the updating process. If you already have the most recent software installed, you will be unable to proceed.

The status of the installation process will be indicated by a progress bar. Other applications will be unavailable during installation.

Once the update is complete, the Blade will restart several times before booting into Windows.

Important: Do not force the Blade to restart or shut down during this process.