Unimon Quantum Computers

Unimon is a new qubit that will help quantum computers perform better in practical applications.

Unimon;- A team of researchers from Aalto University, IQM Quantum Computers, and VTT Technical Research Center developed the unimon, a new superconducting qubit that will improve the accuracy of quantum computations. The team has created the first quantum logic gate with Unimons that has 99.9% fidelity.

Superconducting qubits are at the forefront of the various approaches to building useful quantum computers. However, current qubit designs and techniques do not provide sufficient performance for practical applications. To be useful, quantum computations must be made more precise.

Our goal is to create quantum computers that will give us an advantage in solving real-world problems. Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for IQM as well as a significant achievement in the development of a better superconducting quantum computer.

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Quantum computing is a new technology that uses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are too complex for traditional computers. At regular intervals, our engineers deliver ever-more powerful superconducting quantum processors, as well as critical advances in software and quantum-classical orchestration. This work advances the quantum computing speed and capacity required to change the world.

Today, Aalto, IQM, and VTT introduced the unimon, a new superconducting-qubit type that combines the desired properties of increased inhomogeneity, complete insensitivity to DC charge noise, and reduced sensitivity to magnetic noise in a single circuit. On three different Unimon qubits, the team achieved fidelity for 13-nanosecond-long single-qubit gates ranging from 99.8% to 99.9%.

To demonstrate Unimon experimentally, the scientists created chips with three Unimon cubits each. They used niobium as a superconducting material in addition to Josephson junctions, which had superconducting leads made of aluminium. Unimon’s geometric inductance has higher predictability and yield potential than junction-array-based superinductors in conventional fluxonium or quaternion qubits.

We want to improve Unimon ‘s design, materials, and gate times even further in order to break the 99.99% fidelity target for noisy systems (Computers) and useful quantum gains with efficient Quantum error correction.’- Professor Motonen .- More details