The Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed are noise-cancelling wireless earbuds designed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed a pair of wireless gaming earbuds that provide distraction-free immersion and untethered freedom you can game in total comfort, no matter where you play. You’ll be able to play and carry anywhere with 2.4GHz gaming grade wireless and Bluetooth 5.2.

The earbuds provide an ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless connection via the included USB-C dongle, ensuring seamless, low latency audio that meets the demands of competitive gaming on a variety of platforms.

Whether you’re gaming, grooving to your favourite beats, or watching a movie, Active Noise Cancellation detects and cancels out unwanted ambient noise.

Aside from that, they’re nearly identical, with active noise cancellation, Razer’s RGB lighting effects, and a USB-C audio transmitter (plus USB-C to USB-A adapter). They both have 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, allowing you to pair them with both your mobile device and your console.

Voice communication on the Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed Earbuds is now clearer than ever thanks to smart microphones that detect, identify, and reduce unwanted background noise.

The earbuds last longer and automatically connect to their last paired device thanks to Bluetooth 5.2’s increased bandwidth, range, and energy efficiency.

Enjoy hours of Gaming and less charging with optimised power management and an included charging case.

The latency is low at 25-35ms, and the battery life is a respectable eight hours from the buds plus another 22 hours from the case, for a total of 30 hours.

They’re also the same price: ¬£149.99 / $149.99 (approximately AU$270).

Get up to a year of warranty and dependable technical support. Purchase from RazerStore directly.