Potplayer Latest Version Download for windows

PotPlayer is media software which is very simple Windows player. If you are looking for a media player in the system, then you can also see Potplayer download. However, you can get a file like cd media supported in this software.

Whenever someone releases a playlist of video or audio in the software, then the logo of Potplayer is supported on every file. When we need it in the field of entertainment, then no audio file is supported. Then we use any media player software for audio.

We talked about Potplayer software in this post because you can download it for free from here. But the special thing in this is that it has simple features and limited features. In this, you cannot see much video in 4K quality.

PotPlayer is a multimedia player software developed by the South Korean company Kakao. It is intended to be a versatile and feature-rich media player capable of playing a variety of audio and video formats. PotPlayer is known for its lightweight design and smooth playback.

Here are some of PotPlayer’s basic features and functionalities

  • PotPlayer supports a wide range of popular media formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, FLAC and more. It also supports a variety of subtitle formats, making it ideal for users watching foreign language movies or television series.
  • PotPlayer offers a fully customizable user interface with a variety of skins and themes. Users can customize the player’s look and feel based on their preferences.
  • PotPlayer’s advanced playback controls give you complete control over your play settings. It features adjustable play rates, A-B repeat to loop certain regions, and configurable hotkeys for fast access to multiple tasks.
  • The player includes a variety of video and audio processing tools, including post-processing effects, audio equalizers, and 3D video compatibility. Users can use these tools to enhance their visual and audio experience while viewing media.
  • PotPlayer has extensive subtitle and caption capabilities including support for multiple subtitle tracks, customized subtitle typefaces and synchronization changes. Closed captions are also supported for users with playback issues.
  • PotPlayer has screen capture and recording capabilities, allowing users to take screenshots or record specific portions of their screen while watching a video. This tool can be used to create instructions or capture non-stop video moments.
  • The software allows users to create and manage playlists of their favorite media files, thus allowing them to manage and access their content more easily.
  • PotPlayer can use external codecs for additional format support, allowing users to install and use their favorite codecs.


Overall, you can easily download Potplayer for Windows for free in this. But in this you cannot watch high quality video in the best way. We can use audio and video in it like a simple media player. Apart from this, you can interact with other software like vlc and km Player with more features.

More Information

  • File Name- Potplayer
  • OS- Windows
  • Liecence- Free
  • Langause- English
  • File Size- 33MB
  • Author- Daum


what is potplayer free download?

Daum Potplayer is a free Multimedia player that supports a variety of different video codecs and formats.

what is potplayer best feature?

PotPlayer supports a wide range of multimedia formats, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, and MKV, as well as less common ones like WebM and FLV. This makes it a versatile option for playing different types of media files.

What do you dislike about PotPlayer?

Overall, you can easily download Potplayer for Windows for free in this. But in this you cannot watch high quality video in the best way. We can use audio and video in it like a simple media player.

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