Online Typing Practice in  Mangal Font 2023

If you want to learn online typing in Mangal font, then this article is going to be special for you, which will help in making from zero to hero. In this, you will get to see different types of chapters or you can easily choose your favorite topic.

Many websites provide online typing practice in Mangal typeface. There are several possibilities here:

Hindi Typingbaba: This website provides typing practice in both Hindi and English in Mangala typeface. It contains a variety of typing exercises and games to help you improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Typing Hindi: This website allows you to practice typing in various Indian languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali. This Mangal font contains a section for typing practice.

Typing Practice in Mangal font: This website also provides typing practice in Mangal font for Hindi and English languages. It has multiple difficulty levels, so you can work your way up, starting at a level that matches your current typing speed.

Online Unicode Typing Tool: You can practice typing in Mangal font and many other Indian language fonts with this website. You can choose from a variety of typing exercises and adjust the difficulty level to your liking.

Sarkari Typing: This website is specially designed for Mangalore font typing practice. It contains a variety of exercises and games to help you improve your typing speed and accuracy in Hindi and English.

I hope these options will help you in finding suitable online typing practice website in Mangal font.


Hindi typing in Mangal font is a simple typing which is required for government jobs. Overall, here we have told about Mangal font typing, which you can easily learn by visiting the different website here. If you are preparing for govt job then this typing software is for you. This is explained in the step of how to type online in Total Mangal font.

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