Nvidia: DLSS comes to 7 games like Atomic Heart and Return, Reflex is available for 6 titles including WoW and Hi-Fi Rush


Using GeForce RTX tensor cores and AI, NVIDIA DLSS revolutionizes graphics rendering by increasing frame rates while producing sharp, high-quality images equivalent to native resolution.

Along with NVIDIA Reflex, DLSS 3 offers new frame generation technology to boost performance for the fastest and most responsive gaming experience.

Nvidia recently announced that DLSS and Reflex are already available in new titles released throughout February, with more coming soon. Reflex, a technology that helps improve in-game latency, is now available in 6 new games, including World of Warcraft. More than 60 games have been released that support NVIDIA Reflex. Since the last Reflex update, below you can find a list of 6 new games;

NVIDIA Reflex is a must in gaming, it reduces system latency and your actions are faster, making you more competitive in multiplayer matches and making the performance of single player titles more responsive and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the company also announced which games will be supported for DLSS 2 and DLSS 3:

With nearly 270 games supporting DLSS technology, the GeForce RTX GPU offers desktop and laptop users significantly faster performance and high-end image quality for the best experience in every game.

According to claims, DLSS 2 Super Resolution technology boosts frame rates up to 2x in GPU-limited games. DLSS 3 can multiply this performance when running entirely on the GPU. This means CPU bottlenecks will not affect DLSS 3 giving gamers an extra boost in performance.

The company revealed that Reflex technology is now available in six new titles including World of Warcraft, Deliver Us to Mars, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Hi-Fi Rush, Hitman World of Assassination and Perish. As the ad claims, World of Warcraft reduces system latency by up to 26% with its Reflex technology. This figure jumps to 57% in Deliver to Mars from developer KeokeN Interactive.

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