Mozilla Firefox Latest Version Download in 2023

Mozilla Firefox download

You can download Mozilla Firefox latest version for free but now 92.0 is about to come. Apart from this, you can run it easily in Windows 7 and Windows 10. This is the latest version of 2023.

According to my knowledge base in September 2021, the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox is Firefox 92.0, which was released on September 7, 2021. Here’s a rundown of the new features and updates in this edition. Here we can download Mozilla Firefox latest version windows 7 only –Google chrome

Firefox introduces new features

The preferences menu has been revamped to make it easier to navigate and find the settings you need.

Print functionality streamlined: Print functionality streamlined, making it easy to print web pages and documents.

Firefox 92.0 on Windows 10 offers improved video playback, including support for AVIF images and HDR playback.

HTTPS-only mode: Firefox 92.0 includes a new HTTPS-only mode, which ensures that Firefox always uses a secure HTTPS connection when accessing the web.

Touchscreen pinch zooming: Touchscreen pinch zooming is now available, making it easy to zoom in and out on websites.

Firefox updates and improvements

Cookie Clearing Options Improved: The cookie clearing options have been improved to allow users to clear cookies for specific websites.

Upgraded WebRender performance: Firefox’s graphics rendering engine, WebRender, has been upgraded to provide faster performance and smoother scrolling.

Picture-in-picture support improved: Picture-in-picture support has been improved, making it easier to watch movies while visiting other websites.

Improved extension compatibility: Firefox offers improved extension compatibility, ensuring that extensions work properly with the most recent version of the browser.

Security Updates: Firefox provides several security updates, including patches for several high-severity vulnerabilities.


Firefox includes many new features, updates, and improvements that make it faster, more secure, and easier to use. Among the many improvements in this edition are a revamped preferences menu, easier printing capabilities, and improved video playback. The new HTTPS-only mode ensures users are always browsing the web securely, while improved cookie wiping options give users more control over browsing data. Overall, Firefox 92.0 is a significant update to keep Firefox one of the top web browsers available today. Here we can download Mozilla Firefox latest version

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