Mangal Font Free Download 32& 64 Bit

If you want to practice typing in Mangal font, then this post is for you because it is the best opportunity for all the students who are preparing for jobs. Downloading Mangal font is very easy and you can easily download it by clicking on the download button below.

If you can download’s Mangal font online for typing practice and continue practicing offline. You can type paragraphs according to yourself and do unlimited practice.

Now you have to follow some steps, after that you confirm for download.         First of all you have to check your operating system is 32&64 bit. Click on the download buttons below to get the files.

Mangal is the Unicode font that comes default with Windows. It is often used to write Hindi and other Indian scripts. If you are using a Windows PC, you can use Mangal without the need to download anything special.

If you have a different operating system or need a more recent version of Mangal, you can get it from the Microsoft website. Mangal is available to download from Microsoft for free for personal and non-commercial use.

Mangal font  download 32bit

Now I am telling you about download process, in this you will get download button in Mangal Font 32bit or else download in Windows 7 & Windows 10 32bit.

Mangal Font download 64bit

Now I am telling you about download process, in this you will get download button in Mangal Font 64bit or else download in Windows 7, 10 & Windows 11 64bit. But mostly it is available in Windows 64 bit.


Overall, you can easily download and install Mangalfont. Apart from this, typing practice can be done offline in Mangal font. You can easily download’s Mangal font for Windows operating system.

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