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The historical zombie survival game is called DayZ. More than 50,000 people play it at any given time. It was first released as an Arma 2 mod before moving to Steam in 2018. DayZ was one of the first survival games in the genre, if you’ve ever played any kind that involves crafting, gathering resources, finding weapons, and battling other people. As update 1.25 draws near, Bohemia Interactive has announced that the Livonia DLC will be incorporated into the core game and that existing players will receive the expansion for free.

Therefore, even if DayZ will cost more overall after update 1.25, the new version that includes Livonia will be less expensive than the present Steam package. If both are already yours, you’ll additionally receive.

The zombie game, DayZ, is combining the Livonia DLC, which includes a new map, with the core release in an attempt to “streamline our portfolio and simplify our offerings in anticipation of future developments,” according to a post from DayZ creative head Adam Franců. Franců also believes that with this adjustment, players from Livonia and DayZ’s core communities will become more integrated rather than feeling divided.

When Livonia is integrated into DayZ on Steam, there will be “a modest increase in price,” but there’s also good news for existing or potential owners. In addition to being less expensive than the 3283 INR bundle, DayZ’s new price also includes a free download of the Livonia DLC for those who simply purchase the original edition.

A detailed update on Livonia’s integration with the core game is planned for Monday, May 20, according to a blog post by Franců. However, the precise release date for 1.25 is still unknown and is “anticipated in the near future.” Instead, to see some of the planned gameplay changes, you may test out the experimental 1.25 build right now.

In light of this news, if you’re considering picking up one of the most popular PC survival games again, we have all the DayZ base construction advice you need in addition to some of the top DayZ servers for you to join.