Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i II UV Cheque Scanners Series

CR 190i II UV

Known for their outstanding performance in scanning and processing checks, the Canon CR-190i II and CR-190i II UV Cheque Scanners Series meet the demands of banks, financial institutions, and companies needing high-volume check processing capabilities. These scanners are dependable, accurate, and efficient thanks to their cutting-edge features and technology.

The primary function of the CR-190i II series is its high-speed scanning capability, which can process up to 190 checks per minute, which enables it to complete checks accurately and quickly. Due to the quick turnaround times provided by this swift processing speed, organizations are able to optimize their workflows for processing checks and increase operational efficiency.

The ultraviolet (UV) scanning capabilities of the CR-190i II UV version is one of its most notable characteristics, since it enables improved security measures. The scanner helps identify fake or changed checks by identifying UV features on the checks, such as watermarks or UV marks, protecting businesses from any financial losses.

With Canon’s cutting-edge image processing technology installed in both models in the series, the best possible quality, clarity, and readability are guaranteed. This guarantees error-free scanning and processing of checks, even those with complex designs or low-quality printing.

In addition, the CR-190i II series has an outstanding daily duty cycle, which qualifies it for high-volume check processing settings where dependability is critical. Long-term performance is ensured by its sturdy design and long-lasting construction, which reduces maintenance expenses and downtime.

The scanners’ user-friendly software interfaces and simple controls reflect their attention to user ease. Because of the reduced training requirements and simplified operation, users can quickly become accustomed to the scanning system and increase productivity.


In conclusion, the industry-leading options for dependable, accurate, and efficient check processing are the Canon CR-190i II and CR-190i II UV Cheque Scanners Series. Their sophisticated features, rapid performance, and improved security capabilities provide businesses with an effective tool to optimize procedures related to processing checks and reduce the danger of fraudulent activity.

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