Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Review

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds

The breakthrough innovations and exclusive acoustic architecture of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds allow you to hear everything you love in high-fidelity audio—no matter how loud or soft you play it. That is no small feat. When you turn down the volume on most earbuds, the bass disappears, leaving your music sounding tinny and small. With our volume-optimized Active EQ, we were able to solve this problem. It enhances highs and lows for consistent balance regardless of how loud or soft you listen. In Aware Mode, the ActiveSense technology can bring loud background noise to a halt or soften it to a manageable level. The next generation of wireless listening is represented by the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. Enjoy the best in sound and noise cancellation that is entirely unique to you.

Tiny mics hidden in the right earbud collaborate to reject noise and ensure you always sound clear—whether you’re taking calls from a busy home or out and about. The microphones concentrate on the sound of your voice while filtering out most of the ambient noise and wind. On a single charge, you can listen for up to 6 hours. When you’re finished, place them in the case for an additional two full charges. When it’s time to recharge, use the included USB-C cable or any Qi-certified wireless charging mat.

Because CustomTune Technology auto-adjusts to your ears’ preferences, you always get the best sound quality. Soft eartips and three-size stability bands keep them in place comfortably. Then, in the Bose Music app, perform the Fit Test to ensure it’s just right. When it’s time to focus, Aware Mode provides enough transparency to hear your surroundings or engage in friendly conversation. Our soft silicone eartips block some noise passively. However, the true silence is provided by our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology. Microphone hidden in the earbuds detect ambient noise and generate the opposite signal to cancel it. We’ve spent decades researching this technology. However, the benefit is felt in a fraction of a second.

ActiveSense automatically adjusts the noise cancellation volume to make the environment more comfortable. As a result, you can hear everything you need at a comfortable and balanced volume. With up to six hours of battery life on a single charge and a charging case that holds three additional charges, you can keep going all day. Leave your phone at home. Simple Touch allows you to control music, answer calls, and adjust volume directly from the surface of your buds. Amazon -Check Price