Apple Pencil Evolution: What to Expect from the May 7 Release

Apple Pencil Evolution

Though there aren’t many specifics, you can see how the Pencil’s haptic feedback can change based on the tool that’s selected in the drawing app at the moment. For example, the Apple Pencil may feel heavier and rougher while in crayon mode.

For further versatility, the new Pencil will come with other motions in addition to haptic feedback. According to code references previously discovered by 9to5Mac, a new “squeeze” motion will be added that will call up a contextual menu depending on the work at hand. Users should be able to easily execute operations like adding shapes, stickers, or text to the canvas by using the squeeze gesture, for instance.

In addition to the accessories, Apple will refresh the iPad hardware portfolio on May 7 for the first time in 18 months after completely ignoring 2023. OLED screens and possibly even an M4 CPU will be available in the upcoming iPad Pro series. Along with this update, the iPad Air will get a larger 12.9-inch size for the first time.

Keep checking back to 9to5Mac for comprehensive coverage of all the announcements, starting on May 7 with Apple’s “Let Loose” event.

How about the Keyboard of Magic?

While the Apple Pencil is one item, what about the Magic Keyboard, which completes the iPad triad along with the tablet?

There have been rumors (from Gurman last year, among others) that the high-end tablet accessory is about to undergo a facelift; however, information on this change is limited to the inclusion of a larger, allegedly more laptop-like trackpad.