Seagate launches hard drives with speed of Sata SSD drive and capacity of up to 20TB

Seagate Exos x20TB

Seagate Exos drive-Previously, models in this range were limited to 14 TB, but in this second generation, we have or bhi models: one 16 TB, two 18 TB or three x20TB, the Teeno has 6 Gbps SATA interface and 12 Gbps SAS interface ( with its own encryption). In addition to hop-plug connection capability, they have 7200 rpm, 256 or 285 MB cache, PowerChoice and PowerBalance energy management systems designed for datacenters.

Now on the Seagate drive market, the Exos x20 hard drive offers the highest capacity available for more petabytes.

These new Seagate models are designed for cloud data centers, large scale, content delivery networks, and hyperscale out data center and big data applications.

The drives are similar in terms of hardware, with both being helium-sealed drives with 10 discs – a company first, according to Seagate. The Exos X20 is intended for enterprise use, while the IronWolf Pro series is aimed at NAS and SMBs, with the goal of meeting the growing capacity demand.

Seagate drives are built as Exos x20TB HDD SATA models. The drive is designed for cloud data center and large-scale applications migration and with low latency. The drive had a data transfer capacity of 256 Mb/s till now for data transfer. Which was launched by Seagate Drive in the previous drive – Example Exos X16TB,and Exos X18TB .

Maximize overall cost savings with reduced power and weight. The Exos x20TB drive utilizes proven helium side-sealing weld technology for added handling strength. Data Safety and Security – Enjoy seagate secure Features for Safer, Cheaper, Faster. With proven enterprise-class reliability backed by a 5-year limited warranty and 2.5M-hr.

Seagate Exos 20TB Drive Features

  • Application/Cloud Data Center
  • big data applications
  • distributed file system, including
  • advanced data protection
  • Enterprise Backup and Restore
  • High Capacity Density RAID Storage
  • large scale data center
  • scalable hyperscale
  • storage arrays
  • mainstream enterprise external
  • D2D, Virtual Tape